Animals in Danger

Interactive Learning For Class 6

By Liat Edri



Task 1

Let's visit the vet

Task 2


For fun


For fun


For fun


For fun





Writing a fact- file.

Work in groups of 6-8 pupils.

1. Find information about animals in danger all over the world by using the list of sites below ().

2. Choose one animal in danger and make a fact-file about it.

2a. Read the information and write: its name, where it lives (habitat), what it eats (description), why it is in danger (threats to = ).

2b. Add a picture of the animal.

3. When all the pupils in your group finish their work make a map of the continent and its animals. (to show what animals are in danger in every continent).

Add pictures of the animals.

4. Print your works.

5.     Present your work to your friends in class.










Look for more information in the following web sites:

@    Animals in danger in Africa.

@    Orangutan

@    Orangutan in danger

@    Introduction (), reptiles ( ), mammals (), fish, birds, amphibians (-), inveriebrates ( ).

@    Animals ins danger all over the world.

@    Pictures of animals in danger.

@    Tigers in danger

@    Penguins in danger

@    Sea-turtles in danger

@    Grey whales in danger






@    Seals ( ) in danger

@    Rhinoceros () in danger

@    Gorillas in danger

@    Elephants in danger

@    Eagles () in danger

@    Crocodiles () in danger

@    Coral reef ( ) in danger

@    ( )

@    ()

@    Animation of animals



Lets visit the vet.

How can we ask the vet questions about our pets?

v    On the phone.

v    Write a letter.

v    Send a fax.

v    Send an E-mail.

1. Let's learn how to write an E-mail.

2. Let's send an E-mail to the vet.

Choose one of the following:

a) Ask the vet about your pet or if you don't have any pet ask a question about an animal that interests you.

b) Ask the vet about your dog.

c) Ask the vet about your cat.

3. After a week Check if you have an answer from the vet. Print your question and the answer. Are you satisfied?

( ?)






*    About WWF.

*    ""

*    " " .








Stories about animals.

1. Read one story. ( 7 )

Read one story.

Read one story.

Draw a picture about the story.

: "" power point, .

: Animals-My picture.

2.      Write a story of your own about an animal. Open a new page in Word and write your story. Give it a title. Write your name, your age, your School. You may add a picture.

Save your story in your file ( ).

Name it: Animals - My Story.

You can add the story to this site or here.



Read the following jokes.

Write your own joke. Use Word. Save your work and give it a name: Animals My joke.




1st game - Lion

2nd game Crocodile

3rd game Memory game

4th game -

5th game - Animals Memory game

6th game Bugs ( ) Memory game

7th game Dinosaurs Memory game

8th game Dinosaurs coloring ( )

9th game - Zebras - Test yourself

10th game Kangaroos - Test yourself

11th game Quiz: Animals in Danger

12th game Mammals () Quiz

13th game Insects ()

14th game Animals - What's the word?

15th game - Create a Zoo

16th game Animals: 19 puzzles, quizzes


Enjoy Your Work!

Liat Edri

"Habonim" School